Ultra Thin Sleeves

This is an exclusively made nickel electroformed endless sleeve manufactured by DYMCO using our proprietary technology, in which thickness is controlled and measured  in microns (1 micron = 0.001 millimeters).

As rigidity is proportional to the cube of the thickness,
thinner steel sleeves can go around smaller diameter pulleys.

10-Micron Thick Nickel Electro-Formed Endless Sleeves

Machine footprint can be greatly reduced for special applications.

Our R&D department and laboratories are capable of manufacturing seamless sleeves with a thickness of only 10 microns.


  • Extremely narrow spaces such as microprocessors, electronics or robotics applications
  • Microscopic pharmaceutical applications
  • Clean rooms and reverse air flow spaces
  • Semiconductors
  • Electromagnetic wave shielding films
  • Special molding dies.


  • Minimal thickness and small pulleys for many specialized applications
  • Minimal outgassing and particle release
  • Highly resistant to temperature variations
  • Bacteria resistant and easy cleaning
  • Practical to use in very narrow spaces

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thin-wall image-1
The belt goes along with a rod of Φ5mm
Nickel Seamless Belt
Nickel Seamless Belt Sample 0.01t×100W×380L
10-microns thick