Blog – DYMCO’s Driving Belt <4 of 4> ‘Ring Rolled Endless belt’

So far we have introduced an open-type belt as a driving tape.

Today’s focus is the endless shape of the driving tape.

In the lineup of DYMCO’s steel endless belts, there is a product called DR, DYMCO Ring Rolled Endless Belt.

Due to the addition of a special process called ring rolling to the welded belt, the following benefits can be expected for the drive system:

– Compact design of the drive unit

– High-precision power transmission

– Speeding up of the drive and noise reduction

These benefits are attributed to the unique properties of the DR belt.

1.homogeneity of properties across the entire length steps in the welded parts

3.ultra-thin thickness 0.0015 inches or 0.04mm and more

Of course, high rigidity and low elongation found in high tensile stainless steel lies under these properties.

Certainly, let me explain the manufacturing process that generates these characteristics.

After manufacturing the welded belt, the entire belt undergoes heat treatment. This is done to homogenize the structure of the welded and base material sections. Subsequently, a ring rolling process, as shown in the diagram below, is performed. As a result, the steps in the welded parts are eliminated, and the thickness of the belt is reduced by about half.

The DR belt is used for power transmission in paper feeding mechanisms within printers and other printing machines. It is also employed in driving X-Y tables and for precision drives in optical equipment, inspection systems, and measurement devices.

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