Blog – DYMCO’s Driving Belt <1 of 4> ‘What is a driving belt?’

A steel belt is an open or endless belt made of high-tensile stainless steel. The use of steel belts is categorized into “driving” and “conveying,” and for the purpose of driving, open belts are mainly used. The abbreviation for the open belt is DO, standing for Dymco Open type.

High-tensile stainless steel has minute elongation and high rigidity compared to resin or rubber belts, enabling precision driving.

In addition, this material has many advantageous property to a driving belt, such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, cleanliness, flatness, low outgassing, and wear-proof hard surface.

DYMCO Open type driving belts with fixing terminals

We guarantee the tolerance range of ±1mm for length having less than 1000mm belt length and ±0.05 for width having less than 100mm belt width.  If needed, stricter tolerance can be available.

We also accept additional requirements of deburring work, surface coating, welding of terminal plates, and index hole drilling.

We assist our customers in selecting the optimal belt for their applications. Please consult with us about belt design as well. If you provide us with the belt driving information, we can calculate the stress on the belt and propose the recommended specifications. We would be pleased to assist you with any inquiries.

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