Customized Stainless Steel Perforated Belts


  • Material: High tensile stainless steel
  • Welded endless type
  • Thickness 0.1~ 0.6mm
  • Width 5~ 600mm
  • Circumference: 500mm~
  • Custom holes, hole pitches, and belt surface treatment
  • For other size, please contact.

DYMCO has over 3 decades of extensive experience designing and manufacturing customized stainless steel perforated belts and drive tapes with an unlimited array of perforated patterns, offering unique solutions to customers application needs. DYMCO has the exclusive advantage of designing and performing  advanced perforation patterns that are thoroughly analyzed and developed by DYMCO’s state of the art laboratories and R&D facilities.

The second image shows our advanced Metal Hole Pitch Measuring device used in precision manufacturing of perforated belts.

designing and performing  advanced perforation patterns that are thoroughly analyzed and developed by DYMCO

Perforated belts are commonly used in vacuum conveyor systems where air is forced through the vacuum plenum of the conveyor, creating a suction effect that holds products and materials firmly in place on the surface of the belt throughout the manufacturing process.

Features & Benefits:

  •  Under room temperature perforated metal belts do not elongate like plastic or rubber belts.
  • Due to vacuum and our exclusive welding technology, the stainless steel belt remains remarkably flat so as to run under the ink jet heat without warping. The belt surface fluctuates in the range of 0.08mm and less in the vacuum conveyor.
  • Thin materials like paper and films stay on the belt. They do not fly away nor move on the belt and they can be conveyed at high speeds up to 100m/min. This speed improves production, camera inspection, printing, and other continuous processes.
  • Inclined conveyor systems are a unique DYMCO development by applying vacuum on the returning side of the stainless steel perforated belt. This is a technological advantage exclusively developed by DYMCO.


  • Inkjet printing and screen printing
  • Continuous image inspection of films, paper, metal foils, electrodes, substrates, and battery material including all solid-state rechargeable batteries.
  • Film and sheet cutting stage.
  • Packaging
  • Solar panel manufacturing
  • Cleaning process for a variety of industries.
  • Clean room applications (electronics, pharmaceutical, medical)
  • Indexing

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Perforated Belt 1
Customized stainless steel perforated belts
Perforated Belt 2
Metal Hole Pitch Measuring
Perforated Belt 4
Vacuum conveyor system
Perforated Belt 5
Inclined vacuum conveyor systems are a unique DYMCO development