Blog – DYMCO’s Driving Belt <2 of 4> ‘SCALA robots’

Presently robotic arem drive is the widely popularized application of our open belts.

Cold rolled stainless steel strip for springs provides the excellent solution to shuttle motion of robotic arms with minimal elongation.  DYMCO’s metal open belts are increasingly chosen and adopted especially for SCALA robotic arm drive in the semiconductor industry.

Let’s look at the inside of an arm.

Both ends of 2 open belts are screwed to pulleys.  There is no slippage in this structure.

Let’s further look at this mechanism in our demo unit.

Except for 2-belt operation, single open belt is used in many driving units.  In those design we recommend stiffening plates on both ends of the belt.

The belt end is sandwiched by the two stiffening plates.  They are spot welded to the belt.  This open belt secures connection between belt and pulley and then precise drive motion goes on without early belt breakage.

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