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In this session we introduce 5 FAQs about oil skimmer belts.

Hope this will help your understanding.

1. There is floating oil on belt surface. Why doesn’t the steel belt slip?

In general, there are magnets attached inside the upper roller. Stainless steel belts made of magnetic material attracted and rotates without slipping and derailing. There are also exceptions.

2. Why doesn’t the lower roller come off?

Both upper and lower rollers have flanges. The rigid edges of stainless steel belts are not easily damaged by the flanges.

3. Is a tension mechanism required?

Tension is applied by the weight of hanging lower roller.

<Oil skimmer structure>

4. How much oil can DYMCO’s oil skimmer belt collect?

It depends on viscosity of oil. Generally, the higher viscosity, the more oil it can collect.

5. Producible Range of DYMCO steel belts

Thickness: 0.1~0.3mm Width: 20~300mm Circumference: 500~25000mm

Please inquire us on the dimension out of the range.

Flat weld

Thanks to the material, stainless steel, DYMCO’s oil skimmer belt is anticorrosive.

Durability and high collection performance contribute to cost savings.

The welding line is so smooth you cannot tell it even if you rub it with your finger and the belt will not get caught by a scraper.

Smooth floating oil collection can be expected for a long time.

Magnetic material, which works with magnet rollers to prevent derailing, is also available for DYMCO’s oil skimmer belt.

And of course, used belts can be scrapped and recycled – Sustainable!

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