Ultra Thin Metal Sleeves

DYMCO’s innovative technology makes extremely thin and flexible metal sleeves for a variety of applications of film forming, pattern transfer, casing, fuser and other rolls in printers and copiers, etc. They are all thin walls approximately from 30 to 300 micron – thick and we have 4 types of sleeves based on manufacturing methods.


1. Stainless Steel Welded sleeves

Variety of dimensions are possible without any tooling charges.

This is done by precise slitting, shirring, choices of different weld machines and measurement tools.

2. Stainless steel 30-micron-thick fuser roll substrate

These are completely seamless sleeves found in office laser printers.  Ultra thin 30 micron-thick metal sleeves are heated instantly to be ready for fusing tonner powders on paper.

3. Electroformed nickel sleeves

These are also completely seamless sleeves, covering diameter 100 to 500mm max.

4.Nickel Tiling sleeve molds

These pattern transfer molds are exclusive development of DYMCO’s R&D laboratories and engineering.