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Belts with vacuum holes

DYMCO’s perforated stainless steel belt is essential for vacuum conveying, which utilizes air suction to hold and transport workpieces.

Firmly fixing workpieces on the belt by air suction through fine holes, the vacuum conveyor prevents shifting and slipping caused by vibration or inclination. Moreover, thanks to excellent flatness of the stainless steel belt, vacuumed thin workpieces are also kept flat.

This video demonstrates high-speed printing with a UV inkjet printer. The suction conveyor keeps thin film/paper flat and maintains head gap of 1mm or less between the ink head and media. This ensures high-speed precise printing.

Since flatness is ensured, vacuum conveyor is also suitable for image inspection. The setup in the video enables automated inspection of both sides of workpieces. The inverted conveyor holds and transfers them to the next one without turning it around manually.

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