Blog – DYMCO’s Driving Belt <3 of 4> ‘Lifting belts in WMS’

WMS: Warehouse Management System

AS/RS: Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

AGV/AMR: Automatic Guides Vehicle and Autonomous Mobile Robot

The introduction of automated warehouses has been accelerating in the logistics industry. There are various mechanisms, but a basic system involves raising and moving containers stored on racks to transport goods to their designated areas.

Dymco’s stainless steel open belt is actively used as a drive belt for container lifting and lowering.

The following benefits can be obtained by our belts:

– Minimal belt expansion, ensuring precise vertical movement.

– Smooth movement due to the use of a flat belt, resulting in fast vertical motion.

– Prevention of wire rope twisting or collapsing, maintaining a consistent winding of the four belts and reducing container swaying.

– No concerns about oil drips as it doesn’t require the use of grease.

– The winding diameter can be smaller compared to a rope.

We offer design and strength calculations for lifting belts, as well as compatibility with various belt materials and dimensional specifications.

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