Stainless Steel 30-micron-thick fuser roll substrate


1. Rapid heat conduction

The ultra-thin, 30-micron-thick fuser roll substrate plays a crucial role in recuding the warm-up time of multifuction printers (MFPs) and the time it takes for the first copy to be produced.  This is achieved through its rapid heat conduction properties.

The fuser roll is equipped with a heater inside and its outer surface is coated to effectively fuse the toner onto the paper, ensuring proper adhesion.  The ultra-thin 30-micron sleeve facilitates fast heat transfer to the surface of the fuser roll.

2. Completely seamless, perfectly circular, and uniformly thick

From the initial cutting of the stainless steel plate to the final rolling process, our unique ‘flow forming’ technology eliminates any seam welding. By utilizing three externally positioned rolls, the original tube undergoes simultaneous rotation and rolling, resulting in an ultra-thin wall of the desired length.


Fuser rolls for MFP, copier, and printers


SUS304 typical

Typical dimension

Thickness: 24 and 30 microns

Inner diameter: maximum 50mm (1.9 inches) 

Length: maximum 400mm (0.2 inches)

Note: DYMCO specializes in the production of metal sleeves exclusively and does not apply any coatings to its products.

30 micron-thick fuser roll substrate

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