President’s Message

Since our beginnings in 1986, our business philosophy has been based on three main concepts we call the 3 Ds.:

Devoted to society

Development of technology

Delight of employees

Our company has since then developed cutting edge technology and passion for manufacturing excellence. This is our way to contribute to people and to higher levels of industrial demands. Consistent with this philosophy, the new leadership will continue our company’s focus on the development of the highest quality and technology to capture new markets moving forward.

I am adding two additional Ds. to this end:

– Devices and Dreams

As the world enters a new era of changes, DYMCO accepts the new challenges with innovating technologies and team work.  Our 5 Ds. vision will allow the creation of new and better value for the people and industries of the new era.

Kiyonori Matsuda

President, DYMCO, LTD.