Recertified on Oct. 21, 2022 English

Recertified on Oct. 21, 2022 Japanese

Environmental Policy 

1.       We make efforts to use the material of low environmental burden in our design and manufacturing process of precision machiney and components to prevent environmental pollution promoting environmental protection. 

2.       We establish environmental target taking environmental initiative to reduce consumption, disposal, natural resource, and energy in our business activity for the consideration of grovel warming concern. 

3.       Through the improvement of business operations, we work on energy and resource saving, the use of renewable energies, the reduction of greenhouse gas emission for the sake of environmental protection. 

4.       We obey environmental-related laws and rules, and keep regulatory requirements to which we agree with in our business operation. 

5.       We prosecute periodic review of environmental target to improve environmental management system continuously. 

6.       We encourage associated and cooperative companies to deepen the environmental considerations. 

7.       We ensure that this environmental policy shall be disseminated to all of our employees and public.

2020/7/21  DYMCO, LTD.

Kiyonori Matsuda, President & CEO