Strand Cooling Belts by DYMCO

DYMCO’s endless stainless steel belts are an effective solution for the transport and cooling of strands, which are deposited directly on the conveyor belt and transported directly to the strand pelletizer.

The plastic is extruded onto the belt at temperatures ranging from 500°F to 600°F. The endless stainless steel belt is flat and uniform and capable of withstanding these high temperatures without warping or leaving marks on the strands, unlike other conventional belt materials including metal-mesh conveyors.

DYMCO’s remarkably flat steel belts are combined with special air nozzles for minimal air consumption, reduced noise and high performance for strand cooling applications.

The above mentioned combination of a flat stainless steel surface and air cooling nozzles offers unique advantages such as:

  • Minimal mechanical stress on the strands
  • Stainless Steel tolerance to extremely high temperatures of strands coming out of the extruder, without belt warping or material distortions
  • Elimination of costly water equipment to cool the strands
  • The DYMCO’s stainless steel belts surface does not affect the strands integrity at the high temperatures used for this type of applications
  • In addition to being cost effective, solid stainless steel conveyor belts are easy to operate and sanitize.
  • Possibility to retrofit into pre-existing extrusion lines
  • Belt speed can be monitored and synchronized with the cooling and pelletizing to improve throughput.
  • DYMCO’s endless stainless steel belts are available in widths up to 600 mms.

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Stainless steel belt conveyor for strand dry cooling