Nickel Tiling molds


1. Cylindrical pattern transfer molds offer superior productivity compared to conventional flat stampers.

This mold rotates and transfer patterns continuously.

2.Welding seam is polished and made flat

3.Detachable from the rigid core roll

This cylinder is inserted by press-fit fitting without gap as below.

The cylindrical mold is made by…

1.We receive fine-patterned nickel stampers from the customer and apply precise cutting.

2.Cut pieces are welded in both X and Y to make one large sheet.

3.Finally, both ends are welded and a cylinder is made.


  1. UV / thermal imprint mold
  2. Gravure and screen printing drums
  3. Microstructure mold



Typical dimension

Thickness: 0.1 to 0.3mm (0.004 to 0.01 inches)

Diameter: 100 to 400 mm (4 to 15.8 inches)

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