Valued functions with DYMCO’s surface treatments

Our customers add functions with our surface treatments. Some examples are shown here. 

Surface in pictures is measured with a lens of 84x or more and values of Sa is raw data, not adjusted for any other specifications.

1.We start with surface of stainless steel belt without any treatment. Sa 1.872μm

2. Surface of blasted stainless steel belt. Sa 2.985μm

Non-stick property and anti-reflective function are added for sticky material transport and camera or laser inspection.

3. Surface of Fluororesin-coated stainless steel belt. Sa 2.062μm

Non-stick and anti-abrasion properties are added for sticky material transport and heat sealing.

4. Surface of high friction coating on high tensile stainless steel. Sa 8.609μm

Super anti-abrasion property is added with hard rough surface for shims and other parts in fastening parts.

Required surface varies in every customer.

We are very happy to find the best surface for you.