Stainless Steel Belts

Stainless Steel Belt Properties

  • Higher corrosion resistance: Ideal in applications where belts are exposed to corrosive environment and substances, such as pharmaceutical, solar, food, automotive and semiconductors manufacturing processes.
  • Extremely flat surface with minimal warping for precision manufacturing
  • Higher cryogenic toughness: Resistant to extremely low temperature manufacturing processes
  • Higher durability rate: Selections available in different alloy configurations specific to different applications that increase durability and production output.
  • Higher thermal expansion coefficient: Resistant to deformation and warping under high temperature working conditions
  • Higher ductility: Precise fabrication in virtually endless configurations.
  • Higher tensile strength and hardness
  • Non stretchable: under extreme temperatures as opposed to other materials like rubber, plastic or fabric.
  • High responsiveness: Motor rotations and parts movements are precisely transferred for any application that requires accurate indexing.
  • Very limited particulates or no outgas generation, ideal for work in cleanroom environments.
  • High electrical conductivity without static build up, ideal in the manufacturing of electronic components.
  • Lower maintenance: economical and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Regulation compliant: for applications with strict government guidelines such as food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • No lubrication