Wide Belts


  • Material: High tensile stainless steel
  • Welded endless type
  • Thickness: 0.3mm and others
  • Width 600mm and more
  • Circumference: Any
  • For details, please contact.

DYMCO’s Wide Belts: the ideal combination of the widest and thinnest stainless steel belts in the market.
DYMCO’s extensive experience, engineering skills and advanced research and development facilities, offer a unique technological advantage that combines the widest available seamless and welded endless belts, very thin steel material and smaller pulleys.

DYMCO’s technology produces highly effective wide stainless steel belts and conveyor systems that can be used in reduced spaces or restricted environments, reducing energy, operating costs and maintenance..

……combines the widest available endless and welded metal belts, very thin steel material and smaller pulleys

DYMCO’s R&D constant discovery and research offer customized solutions to customers with specific needs and space limitations.

Our wide steel belts offer significant advantages over other materials, like rubber, plastic, or fabric, being able to withstand higher and lower temperatures without suffering distortions under challenging or restrictive environments, and without generating particulates or contaminating agents. These characteristics allow their use in demanding conditions such as clean rooms, semiconductor manufacturing and food/medical applications among others.


  • Clean Rooms
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Food
  • Medical


  • Widest and thinnest stainless steel belts
  • Very thin steel material
  • Smaller pulleys
  • Reduced spaces or restricted environments
  • Reducing energy, operating costs and maintenance
  • Significant advantages over other materials
  • Withstand higher and lower temperatures without suffering distortions
  • Very limited particulate generation for use in clean room environments

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Production of the wide belt.