Blog – DYMCO’s Stainless Steel Endless Belt for Oil Skimmer <1 of 2>

Oil skimmers are widely used in metal working machines. Machine tools work with coolants and lubricants.  They are discharged into in oil-water separation tanks. Oil skimmer belts lift and collect floating oil in the tanks.

As the following image shows, a steel belt moves around pulleys in and out of a tank. Floating oil sticks to the belt, and then separates from water and is collected by a scraper.

2. Surface of blasted stainless steel belt. Sa 2.985μm

Thanks to the material, stainless steel, DYMCO’s oil skimmer belt is anticorrosive. Durability and high collection performance contribute to cost savings. The weld line is so smooth you cannot tell it even if you rub it with your finger and the belt will not get caught by a scraper. Smooth floating oil collection can be expected for a long time.

One pulley is in the oil-water separation tank.  But belt off-track operation is prevented, because the pulley is magnetic and the belt is made by magnetic stainless steel.      You may use other ways to control it.  In any case we are ready to offer belts for those solutions.

DYMCO has a large selection of custom-made oil skimmer belts.

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